Gratitude for our Sponsors

Without the ability to share it, a message holds a narrow scope of impact until it can be disseminated. This was the problem faced by four Ghanaian girls – Beatrice, Faiza, Fayudatu and Gladys – who are part of the For Our Daughters speaking tour. Although they had very important stories to tell, they were lacking the means to do so.

Their message, the importance of educating girls as a fundamental factor in quality of life, was one that they were all very eager to share. Financial and geographical limitations kept their words separated from those they hoped to target.

After being offered the opportunity to come to Vancouver and participate in a speaking tour, the chance to spread this message beyond African borders was finally becoming a reality. However, these girls were faced with the further problem that the speaking tour was limited to Vancouver.

And it was at this stage that these girls, backed by Create Change, would not have been able to move forward without the help of their sponsors.  Two in particular, Cisco Canada and  TechSoup Canada, have played a significant role in ensuring that the girls’ message  by donating HandiCams to enable them to film their journey. Much of their work will be featured in the upcoming documentary.

This program by Cisco and TechSoup is part of an initiative designed to give non-profit organizations filming equipment that will enable them to gain support in their fields. It is through socially-conscious initiatives such as these that we witness the great potential of businesses to do good.

As the girls’ journey to Vancouver approaches, we are pleased to know that with the help of these companies, their message will be far reaching and impactful.

Don’t forget to sign up for Vancouver`s newest social enterprise to effect change, Karma Exchange


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